Teething Tips - advice and information to help with your baby when it is teething
Teething Tips - advice and information to help with your baby when it is teething
Teething Tips Advice and information to help with teething babies
Teething Tips Advice and informationto help with teething babies

Teething Product Reviews

We are always on the look out for new teething products as well as reviewing trusted favourites.


There is such an impressive choice of teething toys and teethers it can often be bewildering what to choose, we have years of experience and have some real favourites that will help your teething baby. Obviously all babies are different so what works for one may not work for others, fortunately many are relatively inexpensive so it might be a case of trying a few and see how you get on. Some babies will ignore something you've bought for weeks then suddenly rediscover it and fall in love with it, it just wasnt the right time before! So stick with it and mix them up to stimulate your baby. We would get bored if only had one thing to use all the time, your baby is the same.


New products will be reviewed all the time so please visit again!


If you know of a good product let us know and we will see if we can include it!

Rooba's Boo the Bunny is a real hit. 100% natural rubber, non-toxic, eco-friendly and loved by babies. The teether has won a number of awards and we can see why. It is perfect for little ones to hold and the textures provide plenty of relief. Boo the Bunny has long ears perfect for reaching those hard to get to back teeth.  5 stars!

 For more info please see https://amberpumpkin.com/boo or https://rooba.co.uk

Silicone Biscuit Teething Toy!

These cute teethers are made from strong medical grade silicone offering a flexible and safe way of easing pain while providing a real talking point for other parents. Very cute to see your baby munching on a pretend biscuit! Available in 3 colours. Cleverly they come with a breakaway cord for the parent to wear, remember not to use the cord on your baby or leave unattended! This cord is great when out and about, shopping etc as the parent can wear it round their neck and if holding the baby they will always be able to reach it!


"An amazing product that gets everyone talking. Think some more of my friends will be wanting me to order more soon"


"Bought this for my 11 month old and he grabbed it straight away and hasn't left it alone! He carries it round with him everywhere! I think he particularly likes the little ridges, would definitely recommend. Great placating toy for nappy changes too"


"This is perfect for my little lady, who'd when teething likes chewing the silicone tops of her water bottles. Brilliant texture and handy neck string too. Just be prepared for the strange looks when strangers think your tiny person is eating cookies!!"

Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules

If you are searching for baby teething powder, look no further. Nelsons Teetha teething granules are a homeopathic medicine for the relief of the symptoms of teething, also known as teething powder.

Nelsons Teetha is a ready-dosed granule that simply dissolves in your baby's mouth where it gently helps to ease the pain of teething and relieves discomfort.

"I don't know how this works but it really does, these have saved my sanity on many occasions."

"These seem to do the trick and my baby enjoys taking them. Need I say more?!"

"These are brilliant! They seem to really help!"


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